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Signing up

The most common cause for this is because you entered your email incorrectly when registering and therefore the activation email keeps bouncing back to us. You can attempt to login using your email and if it isn’t recognised, then that will confirm this to be the case – just register again using the correct one.

If it is correct and you still are not receiving the activation email to your inbox OR junk/spam folder, then drop an email to and we will activate it manually from our end.

iCloud email?
We have noticed that our emails are being rejected by iCloud’s email servers, so if you have an iCloud email, this may be the problem. We’d recommend using Outlook or Gmail instead.

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  • Upload 1GB videos
  • Comment on videos
  • Save favorite videos to Playlists
  • Join member only public, private and hidden Groups; where you can view and post content with other Group members
  • Create and manage your own Group, dictating who can join it and what is shared
  • Create and join video Channels
  • Befriend other users
  • Message other users
  • Create and personalize your own profile

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We receive a lot of bots signing up using spam email addresses or indeed humans trying to sign up with disposable email addresses. For this reason we have put safeguards in place to keep our site and its users safe.

We have also banned emails from Russian email service as a substantial amount of spam registrations come from this email service.

If however, your email is a valid one, then drop us a message to and we will get you on your way.

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You can create your own playlists (by clicking here) and sort videos to the numerous playlists you created. Or if you’re not a particularly organized fapper; you can simply create one playlist (i.e. “faves”) and bundle all the videos you love to that one playlist.

You can add videos on the go, by clicking the + button under the video – remember to create your playlist first.

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You can always create an account, set strong privacy settings and upload videos here or (after registering); create a Private Group where you’re in control of who you allow into the Group and share photos, videos or files within there.

If that doesn’t appeal to you, then you could just send content to us through the following channels:

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If you have forgotten your password please click here to reset it.

If you registered using a disposable email address, we will have deleted your account as it is in breach of our terms. We appreciate that most users won’t want to use their normal email address when signing up to pornographic websites but you can always add an alias email address to your existing email account. For more details on adding an alias email, click on your email providers logo below for more info:


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Category: General

We ban users for multiple violations of the terms, after previous suspensions, or for a major violation of our terms of use. Registered users will be emailed stating the reasons why at the time the ban was issued.

Category: General

If you have been suspended, you will have received an email stating which of our terms you were in violation of and how long the suspension will be for. Please be sure to check your spam folder if it is not in your inbox.

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Drop us an email to and we can discuss.

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Not at present, though we may enable an upgrade option for users who do not wish to see them in the future for a small monthly fee.

Category: Ads

Yes, like every free service; Hot Lads World depends on ad revenue to cover site running costs. Without ads our videos would be behind a paywall.

Category: Ads

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