cam79 – part 6

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Someone asked me about the guy in the April Fool’s Day video so here he is. I have posted a video of him before but here are the rest. He is a MASSIVE tall baseball player. He’s like 6’4 with big arms legs and a big baseball bat dick :)

These videos go back years and you can actually see his body progress as he gets older. There’s no nudity in Part1 but you can see his adorable smile and his sexy body. Part3 was made by a webcamming friend named Stacey that’s why the watermark. He finally shows his giant dick and it’s huge! But suddenly his friend walks into the room and catches him jacking off lol :) Poor guy, lucky friend! Part 5 is from the April Fool’s compilation. Part6 had some technical issues and the video was all glitchy, skip to the last 5 minutes and it clears up. And then Part7 he’s still just as cute and just as big :) Cumming in the bathroom. This guy is easily in my top 10 personally.


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