Welcome to our forum!
We have thousands of registered members at the main site and are hoping we can grow the forum community in the same way. Your contribution will make this happen, so please register and post any hot pics or videos of amateur straight lads that you may have. The best content will be shared on our blog and may even make it onto our main site!

Welcome to our new forum!

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Welcome to our new forum!

Postby hotladsworld » Fri Jan 08, 2016 1:43 am

Welcome to our new forum - register today!

With the ever expanding community both here at HotLadsWorld.com and our Tumblr blog (thousands in fact!), we thought it would be a great idea to have a place for you all to share your awesome content with others within our community, but also just to chill and chat with others. (Please be ensure you read our rules before posting).

I have so many plans for this forum, including putting the forthcoming Chaturbate Archive here and moving The Vault to a locked forum here (with access just for contributing members of the forum).

So be sure to register and say "hi", so we can get the ball rolling!

Unfortunately, your membership to the main site does not carry over to the forum and you will need to register again for this. But once we have a decent amount of members here and some activity, we can begin with content posts. We will also be looking for moderators within the hardcore Hot Lads World fans to help us assist in policing the forum. :whip: :p

Much love,
Hot Lads World.

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